About Us

PCMDA was established in 1970, & successfully entering of 48th Year It is located at commercial hub of Karachi (Jodai Bazar) and almost 95% our members engaged in Import business of Chemicals Dyes, & other industrial raw materials with annual turnover in billion of Rupees. It is an umbrella for over than 1300 member firms through all over Pakistan & maintain Regional offices at Lahore and  Faisalabad. It has at its apex a 20 members Executive Committee which comprises representative of Chemical & Dyes business community, all of them are elected by member firms through ballots every year.

Indeed Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants Association is playing a pivotal role in strengthening the Chemicals Sector of the country which yields enormous potential for strengthening the national economy. The Business friendly policies of the Government have paved way for the further expansion and investment with consequent enhanced rate of return. The commitment and efforts of PCDMA to introduce quality and value added products will give boost to exports fetching much needed foreign exchange to the country.

We had a concrete coordination with Government affairs including FBR as this forum play a vital role in coordinating Government affairs & Tax payers for the betterment of country & community. PCDMA members play a vital role in fulfilling the industrial raw materials demands, supporting exports & domestic economical activities.   

Executive Committee

It is 20 members elected Committee, Chairman & Vice Chairman elected within these members. Committee now planned to increase 2 members in its strength, which would come to 20 in total, through an amendment pass by its General Body. Present Committee members are as under: